Our story

JAM Industries is first and foremost a family before it is a brand; we pride ourselves on building relationships and liaising with loyal customers all over the world, no bridge is too high or too long. Over the past 5 years we’ve strived to create a lifestyle clothing brand, which embodies a quintessential blend of surf to city style. Our concept has and always will be inspired by our love of the ocean and weekend escapes. As a family, we live for the days which allow us to move freely from city to surf and back again, and remain stylish whilst doing so. 

Meet the family

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    Lynne (Mum). As a mum of 5 she is pro at ‘piecing it all together’. She keeps the team running like clockwork, liaising not only between all four stores, but also with manufactures across the globe. She ‘holds the fort’ when the boys are out surfing and most importantly makes sure everyone gets fed at the end of the day.

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    Mark, the ‘M’ that makes up ‘JAM’ and the business mogul behind the whole operation. Mark is the control board, the engine room which oversees all aspects of JAM; including the most important job of beer stock rotation!

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    Andrew, the ‘A’ that makes up ‘JAM’ and our very own creative nightmare! His heart belongs to the ocean but his head is creatively driven and this is what allows all designs aspects of JAM to come alive.

Where we started

Our story starts in the water. Surfing has always been an essential part of our lives. We believe that the sport embodies more than just one man and his board. In fact, it’s so much more than that: it’s a culture, a lifestyle and a community all at the same time. Growing up we spent most of our time longing to get out of town and into our wetsuits, living for days on the beach and in the ocean. This passion never ended and as a result, JAM was born. JAM represents the aspirational life and escapism that comes with travelling from the city to the coast and back again. Our intention was to create a British beach clothing brand, able to travel in the same way its customers do, comfortably yet stylishly. We believe that JAM Industries also embodies the multifaceted ethos in the same way surfing does, in the sense that we offer more than just a single T-shirt or jumper. It’s important for us to get to know our customers and invite them into our JAM family. We want to be able to connect with you on a personal level, offering not only styling advice but recommendations of things to do, places to go and music to listen to on your travel between the city and the coast.

We strive to create comfortable yet stylish clothes that work for both ‘him’ and ‘her’. The transferable and unisex nature of our clothes means that there are no restrictions on who, where and when you can wear an item of JAM. Our family welcomes everyone. Whether you’re getting cosy in one of our ‘Gursey Knits’ or walking the busy streets of London wearing a ‘Shacket’, JAM really can go anywhere with you. We hope that through us you can purchase your own ‘slice’ of the coast and wear it where ever you may reside!